Structural Engineering

HOLTZEN ENGINEERING GROUP provides ARCHITECTS, Municipalities, and Contractors with our Structural Engineering Expertise.

HOLTZEN ENGINEERING GROUP is very conscience about our structural work.  Our current clients benefit from our thorough designs by having accurate construction documents which lead to smooth construction.  As part of our common-sense engineering we always consider constructability and whether or not certain construction details will be easily constructed or require unrealistic or expensive and time-consuming construction.  If the architectural intent and the structural behavior allows, we do our best to accommodate the ease of construction.

We want to make our Clients’ jobs easy when dealing with the structural aspect of a project.  Our fast response to phone calls, emails, RFI’s, and other project requirements keep our Clients from wasting time on issues that their consultants should be taking care of.  HOLTZEN ENGINEERING GROUP has developed in-house design processes and checks for structural design that we’ve built on years of experience and lessons learned.  We strive to provide the best structural packages which result in less RFI’s, and satisfied Architects/Contractors.