Civil Engineering

HOLTZEN ENGINEERING GROUP serves clients by providing in-depth site analysis, ordinance review/compliance, and common-sense site design, which results in major savings for Clients during construction.  We are the GO-TO Engineering firm in Northern & Central OK for clients that want the most cost-effective site designs.

PLEASE contact HOLTZEN ENGINEERING GROUP BEFORE purchasing a property or committing to a development.  Before you make a HUGE INVESTMENT in property, WE want to help you verify the site is right for the type of development and inform you of ordinance site design requirements that may impact your decision.

Below are some common (not all) site design requirements in Enid and links for additional information.
We’ve not shown all the other Municipalities we work in but most are similar.

  • Floodplains and Floodways require additional permitting and additional drainage considerations. Site restrictions and construction cost impacts can be significant.  Please contact us to develop an understanding for a specific site.
  • DETENTION: Required unless you happen to discharge directly into a Major drainage channel.
    • A quick explanation: a site which is undeveloped (grass and trees) has a pre-developed peak runoff (rainfall) leaving the site of let’s say 10 cubic feet per second (cfs), after a new building, and parking lot are built the post-developed runoff increases to say 20 cfs. To prevent dumping extra rain water onto neighbors (possibly flooding them) and overloading the downstream drainage structures, a detention pond is installed to decrease the peak post-developed runoff (rainfall leaving the developed site) to a value of 10 cfs)
    • Depending on the size of your development detention can be incorporated into a parking lot, or a separate area of the property dedicated for the detention pond
  • SITE DEVELOPMENTS: there are several ordinances to follow to obtain approved site plans. There are landscaping, parking spaces, setbacks, lighting, etc…
  • SIDEWALKS: they are required within the right-of-way unless your development happens fall into a certain zoning area. You can review this link for the City’s sidewalk ordinance:
  • GIVING UP RIGHT-OF-WAY: Required in Enid for most developments. Ordnances require the developer to give additional right-of-way to the City for development along roads with certain classifications, such as arterial, and collector roadways (not limited to these.)  As an example, if your property is located along an arterial roadway and the current right-of-way (where your property line starts from the centerline of the roadway) is 33-feet from the centerline of the existing right-of-way, you will be required to dedicate 27-feet of your property to the City so the total right-of-way after development is 60-feet. Below are some required R.O.W. and a link showing what total right-of-way will be required for a development along different roadway classifications
  • PLANNING DEPARTMENT: in summary the planning department reviews the zoning, site layout and compliance with the geometric and landscaping requirements within the site. Below are requirements for various zonings, checklists, and forms.
  • ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT: The Engineering department enforces ordinances that ensure the site development will not negatively impact adjacent properties and downstream structures. They also review for compliance with ordinances related to the infrastructure and use of City utilities.  Below is a link for engineering checklists, permits, forms, and standard drawings.